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Mobility Level

Monthly Allowance

Mobility Duration

Bachelor Exchange

1.000 €

4-10 months

Master Exchange 1.000 € 4-10 months
Master Degree 1.000 € 12-24 months

PhD Exchange

1.500 €

6-10 months

PhD Degree 1.500 € 30-36 months


1.800 €

6-10 months


2.500 €

1-3 months


The scholarships include:

  • Monthly subsistence allowance (see above)
  • Tuition fees
  • Insurance (travel, health, accident)
  • Travel costs depending on the distance between Home and Host University (one roundtrip)


Subsistence allowance

The EU university is responsible for transferring the subsistence allowance on a monthly basis as soon as the mobility has started. Each EU partner must provide to both incoming (from Jordan/Syria to EU countries) and outgoing (from EU countries to Jordan/Syria) scholars the full amount of subsistence allowance defined above. The EU partner will be responsible for transferring the first two installments right after the arrival of the scholar at the host university. For the rest of the mobility, the subsistence allowance will be provided on a regular basis.



Technische Universität Berlin as the project coordinator arranges and centrally pays insurance cover (travel, health, accident) for scholars for the full length of the duration of the scholarship mobility. Each scholar will receive an insurance policy via e-mail which can also be used for visa application.


Travel costs

When submitting the acceptance letter, all Avempace scholars will be asked to indicate how they would like to travel (i.e. travel by plane, train, bus, ferry). Only one return ticket will be financed from Avempace funds (independent of the means of transportation and the length of mobility).

Travel via plane: The Avempace coordinator will centrally organize all plane tickets via a travel agent.

Travel via train & bus & ferry: The respective EU host/home university is responsible for reimbursing costs for travel by bus, train and ferry for a maximum of one return ticket.

Travel via different means of transportation: Any costs incurred by a scholar's decision to travel by a different means of transportation (e.g. travel by car) will not be reimbursed.


Tuition Fees

Under no circumstances may participating host universities claim participation/tuition/registration fees from Avempace students. This also includes retaining the funding foreseen as subsistence allowance to cover such fees. Avempace students may not be asked to pay any participation/tuition/registration fees at the host universities.

The payment of tuition fees at the home universities depends on the duration of mobility. If the duration of the planned mobility is inferior to 10 months, students will continue to pay their registration/tuition fees at the home institution. In case the planned mobility lasts 10 months or longer, the students must not be charged tuition fees by the home universities (applicable for TG1 scholars).